Setting up your email account (Server 1)

Instructions for Server 2

Non-SSL Settings   
POP Incoming Server::mail.yourdomain.netPOP3 Port: 110
SMTP Outgoing Server:mail.yourdomain.netSMTP Port: 587
Username:Your full email address
Password:Your password
Authentication is required for IMAP, POP3, and SMTP.
You’re done.


  • Backups of POP mail should be carried out locally to your office/PC. The server is not to be relied on for email storage (Please order a Microsoft Hosted Exchange email account if you need a robust email solution to store up to 50GB of email on the server).
  • IMAP is not recommended as it has never been a reliable technology, be sure to select POP3 Account Type when configuring an account
  • Antispam technology is in use such as sender callback. It is the responsibility of server owners to configure their mail servers correctly.
  • There are pros and cons of all antispam solutions and you may need to provide alternative email addresses to senders if their emails are getting bounced from our server due to the sending server’s poor spam score.
  • Support provided by Futurised to business owners or their staff where the issue does not lie with Futurised hardware or technologies is billable. Futurised assumes all staff have been advised that support may be billable if contact is received from your staff.
  • Any server issues belonging to Futurised is resolved at no charge.