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Improve your website's security, speed, and user experience

Rely on a 30,000+ hours experienced WordPress Security Expert and Full Stack Software Developer

Have you been hacked? Did you wake up one day and have a big ad for an Online Casino, Prescription Drugs, or something worse on your WordPress site?

If you did, you are going to love our Futurised Security packages.

If you haven't, and you are not aware of how insecure and easy to hack standard WordPress sites are, relax, Futurised can do a comprehensive check and update to secure you now, and monitor into the future to keep you secure!

Backups Every 6 hours

Your website backed up 4 times per day by leading commercial backup software, keeping the last week of backups. If your website goes down for any reason we will restore the backup at no additional cost.

  • Full Site Backup
  • Every 6 hours
  • Fast Restore

Core Updates

Several times a year, WordPress updates their main core files. These upgrades are usually tied to various security vulnerabilities and should be done in a very timely manner after release. Your website will always be running the latest version of WordPress.

  • WordPress Core
  • Security Fixes
  • Latest Version

Plugin Updates

We’ll update any plugins that have newer versions each week.

Security Monitoring

After each backup, we’ll scan all your files to make sure there are no viruses or malware hosted on your website.

Spam Cleanup

Each month we’ll make sure your spam comments are cleaned out.

The support program is a great way to utilise the talent of a full time programmer to supplement your team with priority service and maintenance to help keep your site up to date on security, speed and user experience.



wordpress updates
  • Features include
  • WordPress & Plugin Updates
  • Check for conflicts
  • Install Security Firewall
  • Security monitoring
  • Full maintenance
  • Scan and fix broken links
  • Database cleaning and optimisation
  • Reduced hourly rate
  • Same Day Support Response
  • 6 hour backups if you host with Futurised
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staging + cloud backups

  • Everything in Standard, plus
  • 90 Minutes of development time
  • Quarterly 1 hour discussion
  • Google Search Console monitoring & support
  • 30 day report emailed
  • Daily Malware Scan
  • Quarterly review & submission of XML sitemaps to Google & Bing
  • Google Business 1 x changes
  • Staging Website for testing web design concepts   
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Cloud incremental 30-day backups   
  • Priority Support Response
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Enterprise [special price]


speed + second server
  • Everything in Professional, plus
  • 2 hours of development time
  • $290 value Speed Premium Plan   
  • Lowest hourly rate
  • Monthly advice/discussion
  • Mobile optimise/design 1 page   
  • Google Business 2 x changes
  • Monthly Google Analytics summary
  • Website cloned to second server
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Mostly automated tasks.

WordPress & Plugin Updates. Code check, full maintenance, database cleaning, scan and fix broken links. Extra web development is $110 per hour ($105 when pre-purchased).


A mix of automated and manual tasks.

Staging website for testing major site changes including design, without your customers being interrupted. Extra web development is $105 per hour ($99 per hour when pre-purchased).


More labour intensive work.

Includes optimising every page and every image of your site and additional disaster recovery features. Extra web development is $99 per hour ($92 per hour when pre-purchased).

Vast technical expertiseMarco M
Always on callSheree L
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...excellent technical support for our website ...If things go wrong he's always quick to respond and work on solutions. It’s obvious Clint knows what he’s doing.

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