How do I Access my Website Using the Hosts File


1. Locate ‘notepad‘ in the start menu
 2. Right click on notepad and select ‘Run as Administrator

3. Click ‘File‘ and then ‘Open
4. Navigate to the following location:      ‘C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\

5. Change ‘Text Documents (*.txt)‘ to ‘All Files’
6. Select ‘hosts‘ and click ‘Open
7. Type in the details.

  • For AUR1 add:

8. When done save the file by clicking on ‘File‘ and then ‘Save

Refresh the website in your browser and it will be displayed from the IP address you saved.

Changes can take a few minutes to take effect.

To switch back to normal you can comment out your changes by adding ‘#’ to the beginning of the line.